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Anthony & Alice Worthington (My  grandparents)

Alice Worthington..nee Winstanley

born 1 June 1880 at Wheatley Hill

County Durham, her father John

came from Scholes, Wigan,Lancashire

Alice & Anthony Worthington standing on

at there front door 6 Darlington Street

Wheatley Hill,County Durham.

Anthony's mother Mary Worthington..nee

Calvert died when he was only 4 years old

he was brought up by his Calvert grand-

parents, when he and Alice married at

Durham register office they lied about

Alice's age she was only 17 and said,she

was 21,and Anthony called himself Calvert

Junior (his grandfather Calvert was called


So they were married as Anthony & Alice

Calvert, I have the marriage certificate.

Anthony Worthington with daughter

Florence Worthington, when she

grew up she married Frederick

Grafton, she is buried at Heselden

County Durham.

Edward Worthington b 15march 1912

               ( My Father)



1930 Joined the Royal Horse Artillery

Re Enlisted in 1939 was sent to France as

part of the B E F,was badly wounded in

early 1940 and was never able to go back,

finished the war working in ammunition

factory at Newton Aycliffe,Durham.